Things about Avast Protect Browser

Avast Protect Browser is an efficient internet browser based on the code of your Mozilla Firefox web browser. It is designed to protect your privacy by simply allowing you to surf the net anonymously, control and prohibit pop-up advertisements, disallow major loggers, enjoy only websites that you want and many other related features. Avast Protected Browser includes a backend script engine that runs just in the background and does not cause virtually any overhead while surfing the Internet. The main features involve: Customizable Interface – You can customize the software to any extent to obtain the kind of outcomes you prefer.

Avast Protected Browser contains various custom features including: Google Alexa plugin extension Google Reader you can read PDFs and eBooks through the help of this web browser extension Also to these features, avast secure web browser also supplies some functions like: Anti-Spyware & Anti-Malware Engine Detection Package Latest version of Flash-player you can watch online videos employing this browser by downloading expensive player integrated video support

Apart from the above features, avast internet browser version 5 various has been adding several impressive features to keep you secure while surfing the Internet. The most important feature launched in the fresh browser may be the built-in Chrome protection. With the aid of this advanced security safeguards tool, you can easily ensure that your system is free from malwares and other harmful applications. This kind of feature will also help to make your personal computer faster. Avast also offers an improved user interface and numerous customization alternatives to make the surfing around experience interesting.