Peter Bouchard Charity

Peter Bouchard discovered an interest in helping others as a young man, and he has contributed to a number of very large charitable projects that affect people all over the world. One of Peter Bouchard’s core values is to make sure his family is aware of how blessed they are and give back to the community. Mr. Bouchard and his daughters volunteer at a soup kitchen in Maine every week. One of his daughters wanted to visit Africa after she graduated from high school. Peter Bouchard designed a trip to be a vacation and also an opportunity to volunteer. Mr. Bouchard and some other travelers donated resources to help rebuild the Rose of Charity home in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. The Rose of Charity organization was founded in 2007, when fellow travelers wanted to help deprived children in the area to make a positive difference in these children’s’ lives. Peter Bouchard is very committed to Rose of Charity’s mission to help children. They work within the community to help children gain access to education, clothing, food, and medical care. The home, which Peter Bouchard helped fund, has become a loving home for abandoned children. They also run workshops to teach education and arts and crafts in the home. They are helping over 70 children ranging from 6 months to 16 years old.

Peter Bouchard

Peter Bouchard Donating Money to Charity of Rose

One of his first forays into charity was helping to setup a youth ministry program with his local church.   This organization aimed to help children in a scouting style program and eventually had as many as 70 volunteers. His involvement in this project lasted over a decade. His other contributions included helping establish a youth ministry to help young people, which he was apart of for over 10 years. He also volunteered in Zambia, where he and a group of others donated the resources to build an orphanage. In addition, peter Bouchard also helped build youth camps in the Philippines after traveling there on business. Peter Bouchard and his family believe that traveling is a very important aspect of life, and even more importantly, using it as an opportunity to touch the lives of others.

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